Thursday, February 7, 2008

BPA Free Bottles

If You Want Your Baby to Be Healthy, Buy BPA Free Bottles!

As any mother concerned with her baby's health knows, what goes in baby's mouth needs to be clean and healthy. With all of the dangerous additives found in plastics, many moms are turning to what are called BPA free bottles.

These special baby bottles are free of the toxins that can be so bad for baby. You won't find any dangerous chemicals in bpa free bottles.

"Bpa free" stands for "bisephonol free." For some years now researchers have been warning people about the potential dangers of bisphenol-A. Now more reports are coming out about its dangers.

Bisphenol-A is a plastic softener used in baby bottles. Some companies have responded by developing lines of bottles made with other plastic types; other new companies have sprung up specifically to serve needs some larger companies continue to ignore.

Your best bet is to find bottles that are completely bisphenol free.

The good news is that these bottles are NOT expensive!

I found some wonderful BPA free bottles. They come in three packs for either a girl or a boy, and you can find them in 5 oz or 9oz size.

There are Sassy Baby's Mam 9 ox. 3 Pack Bottles for Girl.

And these are also available for girls in a 5 ounce size:

These bottles are also available for boy's -- theSassy Baby's Mam 5 oz. Boy 3 pack Bottle

At the time of this writing these bottles are available for just $9.59 for the packet of three bottles - dirt cheap!

So go the extra mile and make sure your baby's drinking out of a safe bottle. You'll sleep a lot better!

I know I do!